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Quality Assurance and Testing

Propelling business success via Next-Gen testing

Accelerate your 'Go-to-Market' with Automation Testing

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Customer Base 12M+ Visitor Screening App Education

Market Share 20% E-Commerce App CPG & Retail

Automation 80% Patient Care App Healthcare

Cost 50% Fleet Routing App Transportation & Logistics

Cycle Time 50% Wealth Mgt. App BFSI

Testing at the speed of innovation – delivered right, every time

Continuous innovation is essential for organizations to outpace the competition. A high customer adoption rate plays a crucial role in the success of these innovations. Trigent’s next-gen software testing empowers businesses to increase customer adoption and reduce maintenance costs through the delivery of superior-quality software products that are release ready.

We enable our clients to build software applications and products by leveraging Agile, continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI/CD), and shift-left approaches utilizing validated automation tools. Our expertise, covering functional, performance, security, usability, accessibility testing, extends across the web, mobile, cloud, and microservices deployments.

We cater to clients of all sizes and across different industries. Our clients have witnessed sustained and substantial growth by harnessing our decades of experience, in-depth domain knowledge, and software testing service expertise.

Overcoming Challenges in today’s QA & Testing

  • Limitations with traditional software testing tools limit their scope for use.
  • Identification of suitable framework and apt tools to jump-start automation efforts poses a challenge.
  • Integrating testing in the early stages of the SDLC can be daunting.
  • Tighter schedules and timelines govern the Agile & DevOps processes.
  • Paucity of modern testing environments restricts accurate reflection of real-time user data and conditions.
  • The scarcity of skilled testing resources can jeopardize the testing process.
  • Bridging the gap between developers and testers requires dedicated effort.

The importance of adapting Agile and DevOps principles for business agility

Our Dev-Q-Ops offerings


Test Advisory & Consulting

As software development mechanisms change, the testing practice has also evolved. DevOps/Agile, automation, changing tester skill-set and new-age tech like AI-ML have transformed the testing landscape. But these can be daunting to set up, augment and disseminate in organizations.

Whether you’re looking to set up or transform your testing capabilities, our Test Advisory & Consulting provides end-to-end services. We enable companies to better understand and improve their testing focus in terms of people, processes, technology, and tools.

We provide accelerators that quickly launch customized solutions to help catapult your testing practice to higher maturity in line with current practices of Agile/DevOps.

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Test Automation

Test Automation

As DevOps increases development velocities, the emphasis on delivering great omnichannel and customer experiences is further underlined. But this calls for enhanced testing speed and expertise, faster testing coverage and de-risking of the release, which can only be achieved through a pragmatic automation strategy.

As test automation experts, Trigent’s deep capability in a wide variety of automation tools helps you increase testing velocity throughout the software development lifecycle.

We accelerate your entire test automation efforts by harnessing specialists, AutoMATE (an Open Source framework) and the right set of tests that ensure apt automation coverage.

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Accessibility Assurance

Accessibility Assurance

As internet penetration continues to surge, nations are beginning to define their legal and regulatory standards for the web. The goal is to make web accessible to every human, to provide equal access and opportunity to people with disabilities.

Trigent’s Accessibility Suite helps clients not just assure, but also design for digital accessibility. We ensure that web-based products, apps, services, eCommerce, etc, deliver a consistent quality of UX across the user-segments, with emphasis on users with special needs (such as disabilities or old age).

Our on-demand Accessibility Assurance & Design Service allows our experts to contribute to requirements definition, audit and test against those requirements, and ensure compliance with WCAG 2.1 guidelines.

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Security Testing

Security Testing

In this connected age of omnichannel deployments, software delivered as a service, cloud deployments, etc., a security lapse anywhere is threat to the entire system. Therefore, it is incumbent on organizations to ensure that security is baked into the process early in the development lifecycle.

Trigent’s security assessment services focus on application security assessments for vulnerabilities, Compliance testing to regulatory standards like HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.

Our on-demand security services allow our customers to rework their security approaches to include defensive strategies baked in early in the requirements stages itself.

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Functional Testing

End To End Functional Testing

Changes such as increasingly demanding customers, regulatory complexity, shift to configured business flows and increase in new-age tech (AI, ML, Blockchain) based applications have made testing more critical than ever before.

The risks of releasing a product without rigorous quality assurance, across channels and stages of the development lifecycle, could never have graver implications.

Trigent’s end-to-end customer experience focus ensures software application/product quality by providing measures for Reliability, Quality, Usability, and Conformity.

Our services cover functional end-to-end focus across the web, mobile and APIs to ensure that they function exactly as intended.

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Performance Engineering

Performance Testing/Engineering

Disruption or delay in the functioning of an application not just causes revenue loss but also hurts the company’s brand and credibility. Leveraging its domain expertise in testing new-age applications powered by disruptive technologies, Trigent ensures that your application is responsive and reliable.

Our Performance engineering & assurance services, comes with a focus on load, volume, availability tests.

Through performance re-engineering, we identify the performance bottlenecks and chart performance improvement plan to bolster the endurance and capacity of the application.

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Only 20% of organizations boast of a fully-automated QA, a prerequisite for CI/CD.

Our Expertise

Dev-Q-Ops Philosophy

  • Encapsulates the principles of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)
  • Support Test early, test parallel, test often/ Continuous Integration, and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Define tests even before the features are entirely built/Test in tandem with coding to avoid last-minute surprises
  • Boost testing velocity and efficiency by leveraging automation scripts and reusable library of test-assets
  • Create a continuous, iterative workflow that ensures round-the-clock validations with minimal manual intervention
  • Application security across the software development lifecycle
  • Structured collaboration to ensure Frequent, regular feedback and resolution
  • KPI testing Dashboards for quick decision making for business stakeholders

Support for new technologies

  • Testing at the speed of innovation – first-time-right
  • Secure your digital future by testing across the development lifecycle
  • Our customer-centric frameworks ensure the best end-user experience for disruptive technology-based applications
  • Ensuring compliance for software applications is developed on next-gen technologies like Blockchain, IoT, and AI/ML-based applications
  • Blockchain application testing includes specialized testing like Peer/Node & Smart Contract Testing
  • AI Testing – algorithms for test suite optimization, log and defect analytics, Integrated Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)
  • IoT application testing – use cases based on real-time streaming of data from devices/sensors. Testing using virtualization and simulators

Our Tool Expertise

Test Automation Tools
  • Selenium
  • Appium
  • Watir
  • SilkTest
  • HP UFT (QTP)
  • TestComplete
  • Telerik Test Studio
  • XML based test tool
Performance Testing Tools
Security Testing Tools
  • WebSecurify
  • NetSparker
  • Burp Suite

Global Delivery Model

Trigent, with its global delivery model, provides "follow the sun" advantage to its customers. This delivery model allows you to focus on your core competencies; while we manage the technology operations with the help of an international team.

Our framework helps optimize the project cost and minimize the accompanying risk as against the traditional delivery models, irrespective of the project size and location.

Benefits of our GDM
  • Reduced risk
  • Round–the–clock productivity
  • Faster turn around
  • Significant cost benefits
  • Access to best practices
Global delivery model gives in-depth info on Engagement models, Development models, Off-shore development centers. Learn more


  • Business transformation by elevating QA from application quality to business outcomes.
  • Technology transformation to cover the entire digital technology stack to ensure innovation without disruption to existing technology stack.
  • Customer experience transformation with quality solutions that focus on performance, security, and usability.
  • Operational transformation through intelligent automation, using cognitive capabilities for a life cycle approach to quality.

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